Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fun at the Kids' Halloween Parade

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roffe said...

We don't celebrate Halloween very much here in Norway. You can say we celebrate All Hallow's Eve, if by 'celebrate' you mean 'lighting a candle in the cemetery and go to church', but there is no turkey-and-candy orgy afterwards.

Spookily carved pumpkins seem to be vital to a successful Halloween celebration, and there just aren't any pumpkins bigger than a small cabbage here. In fact, the only really big fruit or vegetable big enough for the cause I can remember seeing in stores around here are water melons. I don't know about the water melon seasons in the US, but I know that they're only available in the summer up in witch tit country, so we're going to have to find an alternate route. So, when 'big' is out of the question, what's left? Spooky. Spooky food we have.