Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Theme Day: Fountains

The February City Daily Photo Theme Day is "Fountains." We don't really have any fountains here other than the drinking and soda kind. The closest thing we have are snow machines, which are close enough! I posted the photo above back in December. In the photo below there is a snow machine on the left.

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Janie said...

Snow fountains ought to count. They're cooler than water fountains, surely.

Richard said...

Great slope side shot Lisa. Very nice work.

Halcyon said...

I think a snow machine counts... it certainly sends out a spray like a fountain. Very nice shots!

JM said...

The top shot is amazing! I think this fits in the meme just perfectly. :-)

Jacob said...

I really love this picture with the stream flowing, and the cable car and the snow machine...very interesting!

Denise tells us it's been cold in Cotopaxi, too. Very cold. Too cold for me!

Have a great weekend!