Friday, March 5, 2010

SkyWatch Friday: Palmyra Skies

The photo above was taken by my husband during his hike up Palmyra Peak on Tuesday.

Palmyra Peak seen from the top of lift 5.

There was a glider soaring around Palmyra on Monday. I watched it for a really long time and took a lot of photos.

The glider is in this photo. If you click to enlarge this, you may be able to see it straight above the skier wearing the blue and black jacket, the skier that is kind of dark right in front of the trees.

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Lois said...

I really love the light in that first picture Lisa! That glider sure picked a great place to do some soaring didn't he?

Lisa Wilson said...

You mentioned you liked the first one for a SkyWatch photo, so that's why I picked it! Jay says thanks!

Lenola Daily Photo said...

I like the silhouettes in the first. Perfect integration with the landscape.


Halcyon said...

Such beautiful skies!

Eleonora said...

Wow the light in the first photo is amazing, and I love the framing too: it really conveys the sensation of the climb.

Have a great weekend

Laura Hegfield said...

That first photo is a real stunner...gorgeous!

Jacob said...

Great series. I really like that first shot...It looks like they're going off the end of the world!