Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My World Tuesday: Up and Down

This week the sunny skies have made it irresistible for skiing! I opted not to stay in cleaning and doing laundry so that I could ski on my days off. My ski days start off with riding up lift 7 which is in walking distance of where we live.

One more look at the village before heading home.

Not only do I ride lift 7 up, I also ride it back down. Some people think it's really lame that I don't like the Telluride side of the mountain, but the view from this ride is better than the view from the gondola. I don't suggest this for people that are scared of heights! There are a few spots that feel like you are going straight down.

Lift 7 actually goes over the gondola.

Almost home! My husband is down there skiing lower Milk Run.

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Halcyon said...

I really wish I could ski better. I think when you learn as an adult, you are too afraid of breaking a leg or something. It looks like such fun though!!

Sylvia K said...

Terrific captures, Lisa! Reminds me of my years in Montana. And what a view from the top!! Love it! Don't blame you for not staying home! Have a great week!


Jacob said...

How fortunate you can get to the lift so easily and quickly. Great photos, Lisa. I do not like heights much, so I'd probably just take some photos from down below looking up!

Janie said...

Riding the lift down provides some gorgeous views. Good call to go skiing instead of staying home to do housework!

Richard said...

It's rough but I guess someone has to do it! LOL

B SQUARED said...

I really like your"backyard."

Lois said...

I love those shots of the town from up there!