Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I do have a great pair of ski boots that are quite comfortable for me, but walking around in them isn't the easiest thing in the world. The only thing about snowboarding that appeals to me is their big comfy boots.

Photo by Savanna


Lois said...

Nice boots! They do look like they have plenty of toe room. Good job on the photo again Savanna!

Kate said...

Used to ski a great deal but have never snowboarded and now too "mature" to try. Great photo!

motoroz said...

I have never been skiing or snowboarding, but would love to. Telluride in the winter looks awesome. I have visited in the summer (including this past summer) and I love it.

Great blog. Love the pics your daughter took on Tuesday.

DaveO said...

Absolutely true!
Snowboard boots are much easier to walk in, and had flashbacks of parking lot slips at Alta, when i tried skiing there.

But the tradeoff: Easier to get off the lift in skis, as opposed to a snowboard using standard bindings. A snowboard using standard buckle bindings(like mine) results in one foot buckled and one not, when unloading off a lift. A slight wrong move, a slam to the ground and you could create a yard sale from other ski folk smashing into you, while trying to scoot off the ramp, surface. Bad Ramps for that: Wolf Creek and Hesperus, CO.

Janie said...

I hate walking in ski boots. I've never tried snowboarding, but the boots do look more comfortable.