Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lone Tree Cemetery

This week I decided to visit the Lone Tree Cemetery for the first time. It is on the sunny side of town on a slope, so I can understand why there is a sign for no winter sports inside. There are a lot of interesting headstones ranging from the late 1800's to the present.

There are many graves of young miners, a reminder of what a hard life they had and usually died young.

Tribute to our soldiers.

A more modern memorial.

It was a dreary and rainy day, but you can see the signs of autumn popping up on the mountainside.
The Telluride Historical Museum offers guided walks regularly throughout the summer. I might go on one sometime to hear more about the history.

On a lighter note, it looks like the cool and rainy weather is going to continue through the weekend for my favorite festival, Blues and Brews. I'm planning on seeing Bonnie Raitt on Sunday evening!


B SQUARED said...

Always interesting places to "visit."

mountain.mama said...

I think the old territory cemeteries are the most interesting.

I have a friend who said she was going to Brews and Blues on her facebook page and didn't know what she was talking about. Now I do. Sounds like fun, live blues are my favorite music! Say hi to Bonnie for me.

~Cheryl said...

Cemeteries have a beauty all their own. This one certainly has quite the variety! I love the entry sign that hazardous obstacles exist....a bit of a warning for BOTH sides of the gate!

DaveO said...

Blues and Brews is my favorite fest. Unfortunately, the school load and local music activities have prevented me from attending. Wishing all of you a great time :-)

Jacob said...

Thank you for this post. I find cemeteries very interesting and love to read the's such a direct connection with those who went before us!

And your last photo is just superb with the flag against the ky and those beautiful mountains in the background...

Very well done!

Bonnie Raitt? You lucky person!

Lois said...

Fabulous shots Lisa. I love old cemeteries and this one looks very interesting. I remember seeing it one time when I visited Telluride, but it was covered in snow.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I love wandering around in old historic cemeteries, too. It's so interesting reading the old gravestones and imagining what their lives were like back then.