Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Costume Party

It is a tradition to dress up weird or in some kind of costume on the last day of ski season. Really, I think a lot of people in Telluride use any excuse to dress weird just for the fun of it.


Anonymous said...


I drove from Denver to Telluride last July and was fascinated by the giant mountain range that was off the highway 62 I believe, I'm guessing 30-40miles before getting into Telluride. There was a place that you could pull off to rest or take pictures. Do you know the name of the mountain range? Please email me at if you can help. If needed, I can email a photo of the mountain range. It was breathtaking.


Bobby Novosad
Lafayette, LA

Michele said...

Hehehe... fun post... your words made me giggle!! =)

Jacob said...

I think you're right, Lisa. That's why people party...think Halloween, Fat Tuesday, etc.

I'm still in awe of all the snow.

Tricia said...

WoW - That's a hilarious way to end the season! Great idea!!!