Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kreativ Blogger

This week I was given a Kreativ Blogger award from Florida Fotos. I'm honored! Thank you so much!

I would like to present the award to seven other daily photo blogs:


Tricia said...

Thank you so much - These are so much fun to receive - And I'm honored too!!! This is Fantastic! That's become my new word for some reason - I don't know?!! hehehe

Happy Thought - You'd have to train your brain to think "Happy Thoughts" while skiing that run, huh!!! hehehe
I LOVE the sky in the background in that 1st shot! GORGEOUS!

Fredrik said...

Thanks a lot Lisa! I'm very honoured. What a wonderful spot you live in!

Sharon said...

Lisa, thank you so much, I am very honored. Doing the blog has been so much fun!

Tamera said...

Congrats on receiving the Kreativ Blogger Award, and thank you for recognizing my blog with the award! You made my whole day! :o)


JM said...

I am really honored! Thank you so much and
congratulations! Your shots are allways awesome!

Just M said...

Lisa, Thank you so much for the award. It means a lot to know people out there like what we are doing. Sorry for the delay.